Coach and mentor. Lifelong gamer. School principal. Batman enthusiast. Doctor of Education. Best dad ever (favorite title he’s ever held). Lester Clowes has worn many hats throughout his life, but he’s most proud of being dad to “the two most awesome souls on the planet” and coach/mentor for scores of other school administrators and hundreds of (some now grown) adolescents. He has worked in the field of education through various capacities for 16 years, with 13 of these focused on supporting troubled and at-risk teenagers and their families. During this time, he has also led efforts in opening over 10 private schools across the country. He earned his Bachelor’s in History from the University of Memphis, Master’s in Teaching from Christian Brothers University, and his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern California. His dissertation focused on the integration of technology and the resulting impact on culture and leadership, and his work was nominated in 2015 for USC’s dissertation of the year.

Lester is currently focused on success coaching for both professionals and adolescents. When he’s not mentoring, writing or spending time with the family, he also serves on the board of directors for a semi-professional Esports league, competes in various card games, and is an avid weightlifter. And, yes, Batman can take down any superhero if allowed any amount of time for planning.

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