Gamer Wellness offers a range of options to support parents of gamers, gamers of all ages, professionals in various capacities, and those working directly in the gaming industry.


The Gamer Wellness team each have their own individual coaching practices and can work in an either in-person or online capacity to support individual cases.


Are you an industry professional and wanting feedback or guidance on your next project? The Gamer Wellness team is here to support your efforts. We want to collaborate with all stakeholders in the gaming world to create as positive an experience as possible. We believe in the power of gaming as a force for good.



The team at Gamer Wellness has spoken to audiences ranging from the small handful to the thousands around the concepts of healthy gaming, wellness, and more. These have been conducted as parent workshops, informative sessions, panel participation, and keynotes. Additionally, the team is available for TV, radio, or other media opportunities.

a sample of who we’ve individually worked with…