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The theoretical part of the thesis
The theoretical part of the work is based on the study of literary sources. In this part, the student does not create anything of his own - he studies what was done before him. Since theses are checked for borrowings, and the requirements for originality are quite high, you cannot simply copy textbooks and articles, you will have to write a theory in your own words, its quite a hard task, but with help of https://editius.com/ its become much easier. A diploma cannot be based solely on textbooks: monographs and articles in periodicals (specialized journals, conference proceedings), and electronic sources, and for many areas - regulatory legal acts should be used.
The choice of sources is a guarantee of the quality of the theoretical part. Source requirements:

Modernity. Sometimes strict formal requirements are established: textbooks - not older than 5 years, articles - not older than 3 years. This approach is not entirely correct. On the one hand, classical works (especially by deceased authors) do not benefit at all from reprints, and you can quote Karl Marx from both the 2018 edition and the 1956 edition - there will be no difference. On the other hand, in dynamic areas, even in 5 years (and taking into account that the textbook is not published instantly, that is, the textbook released 5 years ago was written 7 years ago), a lot can change. The easiest way in this regard is with normative acts: you need to take the current edition from the reference and legal systems (if we are not talking about a historical review of changes).

Reliability. Inaccurate information is often found on the Internet and in unrefereed journals (as well as collections) - this may be due to both incompetence and dishonesty of the authors, and deliberate distortion of facts. It is better to take material from magazines with a reputation (ideally, those included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission).

To write a good thesis, you need to rework a lot of sources says https://editius.com/essay-editing-service/ experts. In the list of references, there should be at least 30-40 of them, and most of them usually refer specifically to the theoretical section.
The practical part of the thesis
The thesis is not limited to theory, there must be practice. The practice can be roughly divided into two parts:

Inspection of the object "as is". If in the theoretical part the student analyzes the sources, then in the practical part there is an analysis of a specific subject.

So, for example, for lawyers it is an analysis of judicial practice, for journalists - an analysis of a particular publication, for accountants - the financial activities of an enterprise.

Development of something new - a project, recommendations, and an assessment of their effect.

It is not enough just to write: “A new law should be adopted”, it is necessary to explain in detail how it should fundamentally differ from the current one, what gaps in the law this will allow to close, what problems to avoid. For economic degrees, the most popular criterion is profit: the proposed activities for commercial enterprises should directly or indirectly contribute to its increase (by reducing costs or increasing revenues). However, for some topics, other criteria may be chosen. As you can see writing thesis differce from topic to topic, if you are in situation when you struggle with it, consider https://editius.com/resume-proofreading/ help. For engineering research, it is usually about improving existing technology - you need to prove that it really will become something better.

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