Deciding Between Forex And Binary Affilate Programs
Deciding Between Forex And Binary Affilate Programs
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Being a part of an affiliate program is becoming a trend among traders.  
They are keen to join as affiliates of profit making trades and being a part of affiliation sites to increase revenue generation as well as to further their own business. In fact affiliate programs are mainly categorized into two groups' i.e. binary affiliate and forex affiliate programs.  
In both of these programs traders are given access to a wide network of programs so as to earn substantial gains when partnering with different trading platforms. They also encourage affiliates to find a platform of their choice for trading and to select a broker of their choice that suits their style of trading.  
Binary Affiliate Program Becoming part of a binary affiliate program means promoting trade in binary options. Being an affiliate of binary trade is subject to earning revenue, which is generated when any trader selects the affiliate program that you are promoting on your site and makes a trade.  
Transactions carried out by visitors to your site assist in revenue generation, as long as they select the affiliate program that you are partnering with. This is inclusive of a wide variety of commodities and stocks besides the other options that are on offer with the parent platform.  
Binary trading is about choosing an asset of your choice and predicting the direction in which its value will move within a fixed time period also known as its expiration period. The prediction has to be accurate so that the trader is in the money and if he is wrong in his estimation he will be out of the money.  
It is about speculating accurately to achieve desired results. Those who want to a direct part of trading become binary traders while there are those who prefer indirect participation by joining up as a binary affiliate in a program. Forex Affiliate Program The advantage of partnering with a forex program as a forex affiliate is that one can substantial amounts of money known as commission when you refer prospective clients to a trading platform.  
The forex market is known for its large volume of trade and this market is also known as the currency exchange market, FX market etc. Trading in forex can be very volatile because of regular fluctuations in the currency exchange rates and various external factors which influence the market.  
So it is not for everyone and there are those who prefer to play it safe and sign up as affiliates of a forex platform where they can make gains by referring prospective customers to the parent trading platform. Again it depends on the choice of the trader, as to whether he wants to directly be a part of the trading markets or prefer promoting either a binary affiliate or forex affiliate program and earning revenue as commission. offers world class customer service supported through experienced telephone support and online ticketing systems.  
Our technology is developed by Income Access and in-house programmers. We will always consider technical development where warranted.


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