9/10 - "Undeniably Great"  


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16/09/2021 10:12 am  
9/10 - "Undeniably Great"

Call Of Duty is a fantastic and revolutionary first instalment in the forever changing and advancing Call Of Duty series. This game is in fact a true and undeniable legend in the gaming industry.

I am not kidding or messing with you when I say that this game is really good. The Story is lengthy, well structured, detailed and packs an action fuelled journey through different parts of the world and periods in the WWII. The campaign itself is split into 3 different parts and you play as 3 different protagonists who are a part of 3 different armies, each character you meet is unique via name, height and look as in most games. The game has a detailed and well sculpted map featuring many key locations that all make for a fantastic and accurate tone and setting for the gameplay. The Gameplay itself is superb and irresistible, simple and easy controls make for total comfort, range of difficulties to choose from, many diverse and unique weapons to form your arsenal and many strategic and intense situations and shootouts. Guns feel and sound real thanks to clever and accurate design and total engaging sound effects from the guns and the overall environment. The game's soundtrack suits the game so well and is a joy to listen to and the game has an amazing multiplayer component that features basic yet fun game modes. The tone of the game is fantastic, missions are engaging and the game smoothly and effortlessly captures the intensity and real vibe of what WWII was like therefore making people aware of the precious sacrifices that were made during that time period. The game's graphics are pretty good for a game made in 2003 and can be changed and altered in the settings.

It's safe to say that this game is a significant and positive step forward for the series and will simply and elegantly go straight down as one of the best games of all time. I can't say this enough, you must play this game.