About Gamer Wellness

Gamer Wellness was founded out of a passion for the worlds of both gaming and wellness. For too long now, these worlds have been seen as mutually exclusive of one another. Additionally, they’ve been severely misperceived by the broader public. See any television show or film depicting a gamer, and you’ll find an obese person who is socially inept and suffering from a severe case of acne. Likewise, the prevailing stereotype for someone pursuing a life of wellness has been a granola automaton practicing yoga 24/7, almost incapable of deep human emotion.

Both of these are wrong. And, yet, both of these worlds have so much to learn from and to offer one another, just as the rest of society can benefit so much from embracing these misunderstood spheres. Gamer Wellness works to bring these two worlds together in the following ways:

  • Educating gamers about wellness concepts and how these can be incorporated to their current lifestyles.
  • Educating and supporting parents who are struggling with adolescent gamers.
  • Educating and working together with the video game industry to incorporate wellness concepts and checks into existing platforms.